Kendal and mommy


Hi my name is Nicole and I am 23 years old. I live on the southside of Indy, right off of 65 and Southport rd. I am married to my wonderfull husband Jamie and we are going to have our first baby on Monday. I am very nervous but excited to meet her, we are going to name her Kendal, and I can't wait to start the next chapter in our lives. I am a nanny but am going to stay home till August or the end of July with Kendal and hopefully will be able to find a part-time nanny job.
I hope to meet some other young mommy's here and make some new friends!
Advice is welcome and feel free to add me as a friend.
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mommy & me?

is anyone a member of the mommy & me association? i have joined the nat'l association and would like to know what experience others have had in Indiana with this organization, if its very active, etc. i paid $25 to join.

i would ideally be attending meetings in Fishers, IN but just wanted to know what the general impression of this assoc. is in Indiana.

thank you for any input, and hope you all are recovering nicely from the recent storm. :)

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(no subject)

Hi everyone,

I live in Lafayette, IN and am originally from Indy. I have a 6 month old daughter. Just looking for other moms to chat with and hopefully occasionally meet up with!

(no subject)

ok for those of you in marion county here in indiana i got this in an email and signed up the boys

Sign your kids up! Now, thanks to United Way of Central Indiana's
Success by Six initiative, all Marion County children ages birth
through five years old can receive one book per month by mail, FREE!

More information about the program and online registration can be
found at I've
sent each of you hard copy brochures via mail - you'll probably get
those Tuesday or Wednesday.

These books are age appropriate, quality books selected by early
childhood educators. The 2006 booklist is here

Please help me spread the word and share within your mom's networks!
Let's get all Marion County kids signed up!

wanna beat the Santa crowd?

hi, just a tip from another Indy mommy...if you want to see Santa but avoid the line, check if places like Sears that have a photo studio are doing specials on 'with Santa' luck i went to Castleton mall the other day and this is what happened (copied from journal:)

we got to the mall and i stood in line for about 5 min and tried to figure out how long it was going to take. i estimated it could take an hour to get to Santa, even though i went at dinner time in hopes of beating the crowd. after a while i figured we could come back after going to Sears, which is where i wanted to order more of Elle's portraits we'd had taken back in October. soooooooo we go to Sears, and lo and behold, there's a Santa Claus there, too. AND NO LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! so we REALLY lucked out in that department. i asked the guys working if they'd like me to go tell a few people standing in line about their service so they could get more business...they pleaded with me not to do that, LOL. it was funny. anyway so i killed two birds with one stone, didn't have to put up with a huge-ass line, didn't end up with a cranky kid and cranky myself from waiting, and got my portraits and some nice pics of Elle with Santa as well (she was in a good mood, and didn't cry! even though she was a little scared...she ended up smiling, anyway. the Sears people are good at getting her to laugh.) :) i really hit the jackpot.

Merry Christmas,